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Faster EFT Introduction


Is stress killing you?
Are you in any kind of physical pain?
Do specific traumatic memories bother you, and you want to get rid of them?
Do you worry and think about things from the past?
You want to lose weight or kick the addiction?
Do you have PTSD from war, traumas?
Have you been a victim of physical, mental or sexual abuse?


If you said yes to any of the questions above, Faster EFT can help you. It is a wonderful tool, that is painless, does not require taking any drug and can help you heal.

As a level 3 practitioner, I have over 150 hours working with clients. I can help you overcome traumatic memories, pain, addictions etc….

It works on everything.


What is Faster EFT


Faster EFT is a tapping technique developed by Robert G. Smith after many years of studying and working with thousands of people. It is not just tapping technique. It is so much more. With proper tapping and addressing bodily and mental symptoms, we get rid of our traumas, physical pain, fear, depression and a lot more.

We can address any situation in our life with Faster EFT. Usually we are overwhelmed with what we don’t want. We don’t want to experience fear. We don’t want to be without money. We don’t want to be fat. We dont want to be …….. etc

So this is a perfect way we can fix these things by addressing our “Don’t wants”

It works on almost everything. It works even on money issues, relationships, really tough trauma, etc….


Advantages Of Faster EFT


Great advantage of FEFT is that it is extremely fast and direct. We can focus on specific issues and fix them really quickly.

Faster EFT gives you control over your past, present and the future.

We all know life is not easy. We are blessed with bad and good experiences that can heal or kill us. If we are able to acknowledge terrible experiences as a way to heal us, we can do that. Almost everybody is running away from their problems. We push bad memories, experiences deeply into unconsciousness. We bury them and never want to revisit them again. Just that is putting a stress on our health. Unconsciousness is not a bottomless pit. The memories we suppressed as a child to survive, partially emerge later in life. However, we can process and eliminate them with proper tools as Faster EFT.

Sub consciousness shows parts of our suppressed memories, like, for example, anxiety, depression. With that info, we can heal ourselves. With Faster EFT, we can tap on specific meridian point on our body and get through the stuck traumas. The increased energy flow through meridians helps us to focus and dive directly into specific memory and get it to the point it is just a vague mamory without any charge. We process that in our conscious mind, and that is the only way to get rid of them. Suppressed memories, pain blocks our energy system, and when the energy in our body is blocked, we get sick. It depends on how much suppressed stuff we are carrying. Some people carry loads of suppressed pai, some less. It depends on our environment, people that surrounds us etc.