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Are they lying about how effective faster eft is or am I the only person in the world it doesn’t work for?
August 13, 2015

THis is the issues that many people come across. And I will try to explain why. You see we are ruled by our emotions, beliefs, conscious and unconscious mind. From my experience faster eft works on every person. I was able to clear a memory in each of my clients. Here is a catch. A person might not see the real reason why he feels that way. He might tap on wrong things. Because the cause is most of the time hidden in unconscious mind. And our body is designed that way, to keep these memories away from conscious mind, hidden with intention never to remember them. So it is hard for us to tap on the right memory, right belief, because we are programmed to not see the real cause of our pain, suffering.

That is why working with practitioner is from my experience crucial part if you are stuck and if you do not see any changes in your emotions, health etc. The practitioner can see your problem from another perspective. From his point of view your problem might seem different. I know in fact that people could not clear the memory and get it down to 0 for months of tapping. But after a 2 hour session with faster eft practitioner, it disappeared forever.

Because you surrendered. You were not in control. You see when you try to be in control and tap, it is harder to find the stuff to tap on to make you healthier. During a session with faster eft practitioner, he/she guides you through your trauma and sees what is really the problem. You see how can you tap on a issue, that should be hidden from you, because it caused too much pain in your life before.

With practitioner, you open up slowly, and start talking, sooner or later the real issue, deeper issue comes up and it is easy to clean it. When we have the issue and the real memory, we can clean it very quick. And that is how the quick progress is made. The deeper the memory is, more positive effect we gain from clearing that memory. What I mean by deeper is the intensity of the memory and how old you were when it happened. The strongest traumas are from prebirth and birth time.

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