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Treating PTSD with Faster EFT
October 17, 2016

PTSD means post traumatic stress disorder. It is a traumatic disorder that usually develops in people who experience some horrifying event in their life, like for example car crash, rape, sexual abuse as a kid, traumatic war experience etc. Person who has PTSD usually tries to avoid traumatic thoughts, emotions, they don’t want to talk about their traumatic experience. Body combats this suppression with flashbacks, nightmares, nonspecific fear, depression etc.

The person cannot confront their trauma, so they try everything to push it into subconscious. The regular treatment for PTSD usually does not work. Psychiatrists usually prescribe antidepressants and other drugs that are usually useless and create even more side effects, fear, depression etc.

Faster EFT can help eliminate PTSD

This is where the Faster EFT can help. We are trained to change a person’s sensitivity to a specific traumatic event, with tapping on specific acupressure points, and at the same time talking about the traumatic experience. With Faster EFT we are able to make a person confront their fear. They were running from that fear/trauma all their lives.

With faster EFT they are finally  able to talk about that experience, to confront it, and see that it happened in the past, and it can’t hurt them anymore. They are able to move on with their life, not being reminded about that traumatic event by their mind all the time. They can finally relax and stop thinking about it.

I know it might sound like a science-fiction for people reading my blog, but this is what we do, Faster EFT is a unique treatment solution for PTSD, that really eliminates the problem. Person can go back to work, in fact his or her life completely changes. They are not ruled by their traumatic experiences anymore.

PTSD can be very painful, Faster EFT is the answer

A person with PTSD usually remembers what happened and why do they have PTSD. If I asked them how do you know you have this problem, they will tell me exactly why. Then we can focus on that specific event with Faster EFT and completely erase it from their mind. They will still remember it, and they will be able to revisit the event anytime they want, but they will experience no emotions.

On the other hand, psychiatrists prescribe those damaging drugs to our brain, and we’re living in a constant atered state, and the traumatic experience is still there. From my experience even the regular therapy has no positive effect. You have to remove the cause, and we can do that in hundred percent of cases with Faster EFT.

Personal experience with Faster EFT and PTSD

I have worked personally with several people who experienced horrible traumatic events, like rape, war trauma. If you ask a person who comes to the Faster EFT session what is there pain level on a scale from 0 to 10, they will tell you usually it is 9 or 10. Some people’s pain is so strong, they say the level of their pain is 20, 50 or more. That is how painful that traumatic experience is for them.

The client slowly starts talking about the trauma, and we help them with tapping and other Faster EFT techniques. After a while, usually 30 minutes, the traumatic experience is gone. They say they can still remember it, but it doesn’t bother them anymore. We can also rewrite the memory, so instead of the traumatic event, they can experience having fun on a tropical beach, each time they revisit previous trauma.

If you have any kind of trauma, PTSD, I’m able to help you remove those traumatic events from your mind. It can be done. I have experienced it myself, and I have helped many people to become happy. They’re not afraid to date again, to walk alone in the streets at night, to drive their cars, to talk with their parents. Their lives change.

I have worked with military veterans with severe PTSD. They were able to confront their traumatic events, and now they can talk about it. They can revisit the event, with no fear, negative emotions, etc.

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Faster EFT and dating
October 2, 2016

We can definitely use faster EFT for dating purposes. This means if a person is single, he/she can use faster EFT for attracting the new partner in their lives. That means that with faster EFT tapping, we can get rid off all negative beliefs about dating, not having girlfriend/boyfriend, past experiences regarding dating, worse experiences being in a relationship.

We can tap out all the negative moments from the past that happened when we were in different relationships. Human mind usually never forgets bad things. For example, if we were in a bad relationship with a girl, we carry that pain with us for all of our lives. That pain is there, in our minds, constantly reminding us that, for example, dating is dangerous, and committing to a serious relationship can be a disaster.

When we clean every little thing that’s negative regarding dating, every little memory, falling in love, getting married, etc. we have a new chance in life. It is like all those bad things never happened. With faster EFT, we are able to erase everything that was negative, and replace it with a positive thought or a moment that empowers us and makes us happy.

So if you decide for faster EFT session, you need to write down everything negative that happened in your life regarding to dating. Then we can go to each memory, event, and erase it with tapping. This is in fact really easy. We can erase up to 30 negative beliefs, memories per session.

This will help you get your confidence back regarding dating. Your personality will change. Before you were afraid, for example, to go out and meet a potential new lover in a club, disco, restaurant. Now, after tapping you will have this power to do it, nothing will hold you back. The opposite sex will not come knocking on your door. You will need to work for it. With faster EFT your subconscious beliefs will be replaced by new positive beliefs. And you will get a new lover, partner easier…

This way you will easier attract the right person in your life than before, because you were still carrying all those subconscious negative beliefs before tapping them out from your mind.

With faster EFT you will be able also to empower the beliefs you already have. For example, ask yourself, from 1 to 10 what is the possibility that a particular girl/boy will like you. After tapping, you will see that the number will increase, and it’s going to stay there. You will be able to reprogram your mind and you will not be put down by constant negative beliefs that are lingering inside your mind.

Also, your facial expression will change, because you will emitfaster-eft-dating different vibrations in different energy. The opposite sex or the same sex, will feel that, and you will have a better chance of attracting them in your life.

Sign up for session of faster EFT tapping with me here, and let’s change your life and get you a new girlfriend/boyfriend.

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The Longer You Do Faster EFT – The Quicker It Becomes
April 11, 2016

I am telling you this from my experience. When I started tapping few years back I was clueless how to do it on my own. Today, I can say I mastered it.

So what I meant by that?

When I first started I tapped by looking at YouTube videos of Robert doing Faster EFT. I tapped along, and I got some relief. Not a lot I must say.

I was overloaded by pain. So I knew it will take me some time to fix me. Today I come across some garbage stuff, that happened to me the same day. Somebody was mean to me, or somebody hurt me, etc…..I can then decide if I want to let go of this memory for ever. And I usually do it. I tapped, the whole protocol, plus few extra things that I figured out on my own, and it is gone, poof. The calmness settles in my mind.

So from my experience you become invulnerable. When you master Faster EFT, nothing is going to break you down anymore. You have the tool to clean all the pain from your mind so you will not become overloaded.

That is the beauty of mastering faster eft.

Faster Eft Psychotherapy
It is easy!
April 11, 2016

It is easy to figure out why you feel bad. Let’s say you feel depressed. What is depression? It is a feeling of sadness, despair, hopeless feeling. It is easy to figure it out why you feel depressed.

The magic phrase to use to find out why you feel that way is: “How do you know?”

So when you ask yourself or a client how do you know, he or she sees the reason. Usually, a person sees a picture, a movie, sound, etc. It is a memory, stuck in our memory. It is still fully charged and painful. You can quickly rate it from 0-10 how painful it is. So lets say it is 7. That is quite strong. So the next step is to write it down and keep in mind how strong the charge of the memory is. Then you do the round of tapping, the whole quick tap process etc….

You tap as long as the charge is above 0. When it is 0, you can stop. The memory is discharged. It does not bother you anymore. So that how easy is to use faster eft. But………….

Usually, people have many memories like that, so to get a complete relief. You need to remove the charge from all the painful memories that you have.

The result is PEACEFUL MIND!

That is the goal, to have a peaceful mind! What does that mean? It means to relax, for example, on a couch, and focus on your thoughts. And nothing bad is going on in your mind. Your mind is calm and relaxed. It is a bliss. It is wonderful feeling when nothing is bothering you. Then you can really enjoy the moment of life, that happiness of living. Yes, that is a life. Until now, I did not come across any other system to get a complete peaceful mind beside Faster EFT. And I am being honest. I tried many things, and nothing worked so quick and effective.

Imagine having a mess in your head, the thought coming and going, being tortured by bad memories, rape, abuse….Then you just take the sponge and erase all these thoughts. FOREVER.

That is what I do.

Faster Eft
How To Rate The Intensity Of Pain?
November 25, 2015

During the faster eft session you will be frequently asked to measure the intensity of the emotion, pain etc from 0-10.

For some people it is very easy to do that, for some not so much. So I am attaching this image to explain you better how to use the scale from 0-10.

In faster eft we frequently use this. It is important to measure for example how strong the pain is. So then we can get it down to 0. We tap as long there is something, emotion, pain, fear related to the problem that we try to work on.


As you can see at 0 there is no pain but at 10, the pain is maximum as you can imagine.

Hope this will help you….

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Are they lying about how effective faster eft is or am I the only person in the world it doesn’t work for?
August 13, 2015

THis is the issues that many people come across. And I will try to explain why. You see we are ruled by our emotions, beliefs, conscious and unconscious mind. From my experience faster eft works on every person. I was able to clear a memory in each of my clients. Here is a catch. A person might not see the real reason why he feels that way. He might tap on wrong things. Because the cause is most of the time hidden in unconscious mind. And our body is designed that way, to keep these memories away from conscious mind, hidden with intention never to remember them. So it is hard for us to tap on the right memory, right belief, because we are programmed to not see the real cause of our pain, suffering.

That is why working with practitioner is from my experience crucial part if you are stuck and if you do not see any changes in your emotions, health etc. The practitioner can see your problem from another perspective. From his point of view your problem might seem different. I know in fact that people could not clear the memory and get it down to 0 for months of tapping. But after a 2 hour session with faster eft practitioner, it disappeared forever.

Because you surrendered. You were not in control. You see when you try to be in control and tap, it is harder to find the stuff to tap on to make you healthier. During a session with faster eft practitioner, he/she guides you through your trauma and sees what is really the problem. You see how can you tap on a issue, that should be hidden from you, because it caused too much pain in your life before.

With practitioner, you open up slowly, and start talking, sooner or later the real issue, deeper issue comes up and it is easy to clean it. When we have the issue and the real memory, we can clean it very quick. And that is how the quick progress is made. The deeper the memory is, more positive effect we gain from clearing that memory. What I mean by deeper is the intensity of the memory and how old you were when it happened. The strongest traumas are from prebirth and birth time.

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Tap It Up Tap It Down Technique
May 7, 2015


First take a statement like I will never have enough money.

Close your eyes

Feel into yourself tell yourself you will not have enough money.

How true is that to you, measure it from 0 to 10.

Notice it, feel it and do quick tap

Tree metaphor then happy memory.

Where you feel it in your body

Tap it to 0.


Take opposite statement.

feel opposite statement like I have always enough money, I am super rich, I have big mansion….

Tap it till it feels true get it to 10. Measure it from 0 – 10 then tap it to 10.

Faster Eft
People On Drugs Are Stuck In Traumatic Events
April 27, 2015

One of my favorite shows is Intervention on A&E channel. It is just amazing show. Seeing all those poor people hooked on drugs. Usually, most of them went through something bad. Usually, they have been raped, sexually molested. Not only girls, but also boys. That left them with awfully traumatic memories. After the sexual abuse, they just shut down. They change. The traumatic event, sexual abuse is from my experience the worse one, a kid can experience.

So they reach for drugs, because the drugs, like heroine, crack, crack-cocaine makes them forget.So they are trapped in this vicious cycle with their parents, stealing money, prostituting their bodies, etc.With one goal, to escape that pain.
With Faster-eft we can clean that sexual abuse, the whole memory. Get it down to 0 and actually helping these people face that trauma.

They have to face it, and with faster eft, that is much easier. By tapping and other techniques we do in faster eft, we let the body relieve the trauma with less resistance.

That is the beauty of faster eft.

drug addiction and faster eft

drug addiction and faster eft

Faster Eft
Most Important Things To Do In FASTER EFT
March 1, 2015

From my experience, it is the negative belief. I am talking about thoughts and beliefs like these:

  • it will never work
  • I am too messed up
  • nothing worked before
  • it all comes back
  • pain will come back
  • pain can’t just disappear; I had it for years
  • this is not working for me
  • I tried EFT, and it did not work for me

From my experience, we are ruled by energies. It is all about thoughts, positive things, positive beliefs and positive attracts positive.
I have read about these years ago, and I was thinking, ah this is just new-age stuff. Positive attracts the positive, yeah right.

However, during Faster EFT, I see how people change when the negative beliefs change.
Before it was really hard to change our beliefs, we did not have the proper tools. I mean we were chanting positive thoughts to ourselves in hope they will replace negative ones.

And it did not work.
With Faster EFT, we can do that. By tapping on meridian points we increase the flow through our energy system and allow our body to release negative beliefs, thoughts, etc. really quick and easy. Then we can replace them with positive ones.

So each time you tap and you start seeing these negative beliefs, stop for a moment, write them down and start tapping on them. Tap and tap until they are gone. You will see your life slowly change to better.

Faster Eft
Persistent Tapping Is The Key
March 1, 2015

With Faster Eft, we permanently cure people. However, it is not easy. It usually does not happen in 1 session, if the person has a lot of emotional baggage. Imagine a person having years of abuse and those memories haunting him or her all the time.

Those traumatic memories are fully lodged inside the unconscious brain. Only a small piece is sticking out, and that is what bothers us. Over the years, the unconscious brain is fully loaded with too many memories. There is no room. It is telling us ” There is no room, we need to tidy this place up.” So many bad memories start poking out and bother us. However, we protect ourselves and do not let these memories come out. We experienced them as child, and for sure they might kill us because we were too fragile and weak as a child. A strong memory raises blood pressure, hormones, adrenaline etc….and that is why our brain saves us. It neatly stores these memories under the rug. For safe keeping.

So we need to process all these memories in full. It happens to me all the time. I tap on a hidden memory, that is deeply buried and then suddenly like a cloud it flows to the surface. And I know wow, that is it. It is gone. And I get a complete relief.


Here is a superb video of a woman who was trapped in her home for years, She tries everything. I mean everything. Even EFT. Nothing worked.
And she said she tapped for 7 days straight. Now she left the home for the first time in years.

What a great testimonial.

If you do not work with a client regularly, you need to tap all the time. Tap for hours, days until it is gone. The persistency is the key here. That is the truth. Because our brain has some great defenses. I am talking something like hundreds of “walls of China.” And Faster EFT breaks through these barriers.

Many people order one session, which is not enough if they have a lot of problems and can barely function.
I teach them how to do it and I recommend a session every other week at least for few months.

That is where the real progress is really made.