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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Depression
December 3, 2014

Believe it or not, we create Anxiety and Depression ourselves. How fast can we get rid of it depends on how many traumatic episodes we have that are the cause of these two conditions.

Anxiety and depression are very similar conditions. They are a defense system of our body that protected us from experiencing traumatic events in the past. When we were a small baby, or a child, major traumatic events could easily kill us or harm our bodies because as babies, we are especially vulnerable. Even now, when we are grown up, elevated stress raises our hormone levels, blood pressure, headache, and other symptoms. Babies could die from experiencing traumas in full.

Just that is why our unconsciousness erases these traumatic events and stores them deep inside our subconscious pool.

However, the problem is that the pool might get full someday.

People with many repeated traumatic events, get sick much faster than people, whose life was relaxed; they always felt love from parents, environment, etc.

Earlier traumatic events are much more devastating than traumatic events that happen later in our life.

To experience condition like anxiety or depression, we must build many proofs and experience many traumatic events related to these conditions.

Imagine our anxiety or depression being the trees. They have many branches and are very tall and strong.

If we start cutting away branches of the tree, the whole tree starts to get smaller until it collapses.

When we clear these proofs and memories that build up our condition with faster eft tapping, the whole tree dies, falls down.

We might have 10 proofs, memories, but for stronger anxiety or depression usually, people have 50 or more events stored in the subconscious pool.

So when we erase these memories that are building blocks of our anxiety and depression, we start to feel better.

Because each time when we start experience anxiety, we can ask ourselves, why do I feel that way?

And you will see that we have a proof, an answer for that. For example, a 40 yo male has depression because he was bullied on several occasions in primary school. He carries all these memories in his mind and proofs that are the reason why he is depressed. These events are still alive in his mind like they happened today. He has all these proofs why he feels that way, why he is depressed. And only he can get rid of his depression.

A 34 yo nurse has anxiety from spiders because she watched a horror movie when she was just a kid, and suppressed that fear deep inside her unconsciousness. Now each time she sees the spider, she freaks out.

However, the best thing about faster eft is that we are able to erase memories, proofs and traumatic events 100 % for ever with simple focusing on trauma, and tapping it away for ever with faster eft.

That is how it works.

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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Depression


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