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April 11, 2016

It is easy to figure out why you feel bad. Let’s say you feel depressed. What is depression? It is a feeling of sadness, despair, hopeless feeling. It is easy to figure it out why you feel depressed.

The magic phrase to use to find out why you feel that way is: “How do you know?”

So when you ask yourself or a client how do you know, he or she sees the reason. Usually, a person sees a picture, a movie, sound, etc. It is a memory, stuck in our memory. It is still fully charged and painful. You can quickly rate it from 0-10 how painful it is. So lets say it is 7. That is quite strong. So the next step is to write it down and keep in mind how strong the charge of the memory is. Then you do the round of tapping, the whole quick tap process etc….

You tap as long as the charge is above 0. When it is 0, you can stop. The memory is discharged. It does not bother you anymore. So that how easy is to use faster eft. But………….

Usually, people have many memories like that, so to get a complete relief. You need to remove the charge from all the painful memories that you have.

The result is PEACEFUL MIND!

That is the goal, to have a peaceful mind! What does that mean? It means to relax, for example, on a couch, and focus on your thoughts. And nothing bad is going on in your mind. Your mind is calm and relaxed. It is a bliss. It is wonderful feeling when nothing is bothering you. Then you can really enjoy the moment of life, that happiness of living. Yes, that is a life. Until now, I did not come across any other system to get a complete peaceful mind beside Faster EFT. And I am being honest. I tried many things, and nothing worked so quick and effective.

Imagine having a mess in your head, the thought coming and going, being tortured by bad memories, rape, abuse….Then you just take the sponge and erase all these thoughts. FOREVER.

That is what I do.

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