Why we get sick

We all have heard about the immune system. Some people have great immune system, and never get sick. We can experience sickness in many ways. It can be strictly on a mental level, like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or physical level, like cancer, pain, sore knees, bad hips….

From my experience, each disease is just the mirror of our memories suppressed deep into our unconsciousness. It starts in prenatal stage, where we are still a baby inside the womb. We get pushed around, hit, have the problem with oxygen, the womb is too tight, then there is birth. We are being squeezed through the birth canal. That is horrific experience for each newborn baby. The baby is full of pain, when being born. Our mothers push us out through their uterus, vaginas, at the same time they scream, then when the doctor pulls us out we have many times our umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. Some babies even die because of that. Then the doctor holds us vertically and slaps us on our behinds. Then we are separated from our mother, while experiencing horrid experience from birth. Just at that time, we would need her presence, to hold us, to ease our pain. However, doctors pull us away for few hours or so.

These imprints are our first suppressed memories. Based on teaching of Arthur Janov, they can easily kill us, if we do not suppress them. Suppressed birth feeling show up later in life in all kinds of physical and mental symptoms. Asthma, cancer, panic attacks…….

Later in our development we suppress more and more. Starting with parents, if they do not love us, punish us, we suppress many things. Then there is school, bullying, environment, etc. When we are grown up, we still suppress.

All these memories are the perfect start for the sickness later in life. With Faster Eft, we can address them, and they vanish and never appear again.

From my experience, Faster Eft is the fastest technique that shows really good results. I have myself entirely eliminated pain in several people, over the skype or in person. They suffered from specific bad memories, pain, and I fixed them up completely in two-hour session. Sometimes even faster.