Here are few of the testimonials in video and in text from my clients.

Amazing sessions, have done 20+ sessions and will do more

Miranda D.

After the 3 sessions my insomnia is gone


After my first session my lifelong dizziness dissapeared…


I recommend you my friend because you are very nice, and you know how to do faster eft. He removed my 6 most painful memories in 1 session. Just amazing accomplishment.


Highly recommended, fear of dentists gone for ever…

Klaus Monarch

Just awesome job.


Wow, this really worked, I had horrible migraine for years….I ended up in hospital many times. After first session the pain was gone, it came back after few days but no so severe. You wiped it out completely in next few sessions.

Francine Merdini

We worked on my abundance belief and I am making more money now, I feel all those negative beliefs prevented me to earn more money, it was like a program in my mind that did not allow me to earn more money and afford better lifestyle. We had like 5 sessions till now. Will book more sessions for other reasons, but my main problem has really improved.

Anna James

Loved the session yesterday, just amazing. We cleaned several bad memories about abuse in my childhood. They do not bother me at all. This is amazing. I was tormented by these memories for over 25 years. Now they are gone completely.

Nisha, 35, Norway

Hi, first of all thank you for being patient with me. I loved the session. My food allergies are almost gone. My stomach pain, nausea is almost completely gone. I will sign up for more sessions. I just wanted to find out if faster eft works and it does.


Maya, 27, Vancouver

I was always very jealous person. I was very suspicious of my husband. Each time I saw him talking with a woman, being social, I got real bad depression. Now when we go together to social events, I am not jealous any more. I feel relaxed and not jealous.


Jane, 28, Culver City

I feel a lot of improvement, less depersonalization. and am taking supplements to help stop this depersonalizan for good. Thank you


It is a bit late but it’s better than never : i wanted to thank you so much for our last session. It has helped me a lot.

When i have a calm period or some more serious stuff to treat i will be happy to come back to you.