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The Tapping Solution Faster EFT
December 13, 2014

Yes, it is. Often times it becomes the most important healing people use on their own. Faster eft is the tapping solution to the majority of your problems. It is very simple and very effective. You can do it on your own anytime you have a pain, depression, anxiety, craving and even want to improve your money situation.

Check this image to see how simple it is.

First contact with The Tapping Solution Faster Eft

I first heard about faster eft 5 years ago. I was confused with standard eft

I was confused. I learned the technique. I even visited several seminars of EFT. I even met Gary Craig personally.

However, it did not work, for some reason. It  was confusing, had so many points; it was really slow.

However, later I came across Robert Smith, founder of Faster EFT videos.

I was hooked. The faster eft technique looked so different than EFT but still very similar. I was thinking oh my god, this can+t be true. All these people getting rid of the pain in all these video so quick.

I wast thinking, can this become a tapping solution for all my problems.

I started tapping by watching Robert Smith videos on youtube. I mean there are hundreds of them.

I was thinking this is too good to be true. This actually worked.

What happened next

My past pains were like peeling off like onion. When I was tapping on myself, I started to re-experience all those old problems, aches, pains. They reappeared for a minute or so and then dissipated.

I have quickly learned that we store the whole imprint of our past pains in our subconsciousness. I mean, every detail, ache, experience. It is like somebody would record us 24/7.

All bad experiences, pains, depression can quickly become our burden. They disrupt the energy flow through our bodies, and make us ill.

Believe me or not, but relieving all those old problems made many of my problems disappear for ever.

Becoming Faster EFT practitioner

After testing the faster eft technique for 2 years I have decided I need to become certified practitioner and learn this thing and help myself and other people. It took me over a year to become a Level III practitioner. I had to complete also more than over 100 hours of actual faster eft with other people. And 100 of hours other practitioner working on me.

Learn more here how to become faster eft practitioner. By tapping on 4 main meridian points on our body, we stimulate the energy flow through meridians. When the flow increases, we are able to root out the memories of our problems. That could be sensation, memory, pain etc. You can use faster eft on anything you want to. It is that versatile.

What Experts Are Saying About Faster EFT Tapping

Here is one testimonial from actual Doctor that you can check out


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