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Top 7 Most Important Questions To Ask During Faster EFT Tapping
December 5, 2014

Remember, instead of X, put your problem, it can be sadness, depression, event, pain, abundance, procrastination, detailed trauma….

1. How do you know you have X?  

This helps the faster eft practitioner or you personally, if you work on your self get more details about the problem you want to get rid of. Usually when we ask this question, we get answers why we have the problem. We write it down and start tapping on each element.

2. What happens inside your body/ mind when you have X? 

With this question, we or faster eft practitioner gets a lot of details about body sensations that we experience when we think about this problem. We again write the details down and tap them away or explore them further.

3. When do you normally have X?

Again, we get more info about the problem and how to eliminate it. We tap each element away, and get it to 0.

4. When did X begin?

Another question that gives us more insights into problem. For example, I got this pain first when the door of the truck hit my back. Then we just tap the whole memory away, all sensations.

5. Why is having X a problem?

This questions sometimes confuses my clients. But it is very important, because they usually never think about the problem that way. Pain on my back is a problem, because I can’t do sports, or run anymore. Then we tap on that belief or anything else that comes up.

6. If X were a person, who would it be? 

Another very important question. It gives us just more details about the problem. This sadness represents my mother, father, schoolmates, etc….

7. What bad things would happen if you no longer had X?

Very important questions again to ask. Usually clients takes a deep breath and thinks about the problem from different perspective. This gives us more details about X that we can use to get rid of the problem later on with tapping.

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