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Treating PTSD with Faster EFT
October 17, 2016

PTSD means post traumatic stress disorder. It is a traumatic disorder that usually develops in people who experience some horrifying event in their life, like for example car crash, rape, sexual abuse as a kid, traumatic war experience etc. Person who has PTSD usually tries to avoid traumatic thoughts, emotions, they don’t want to talk about their traumatic experience. Body combats this suppression with flashbacks, nightmares, nonspecific fear, depression etc.

The person cannot confront their trauma, so they try everything to push it into subconscious. The regular treatment for PTSD usually does not work. Psychiatrists usually prescribe antidepressants and other drugs that are usually useless and create even more side effects, fear, depression etc.

Faster EFT can help eliminate PTSD

This is where the Faster EFT can help. We are trained to change a person’s sensitivity to a specific traumatic event, with tapping on specific acupressure points, and at the same time talking about the traumatic experience. With Faster EFT we are able to make a person confront their fear. They were running from that fear/trauma all their lives.

With faster EFT they are finally  able to talk about that experience, to confront it, and see that it happened in the past, and it can’t hurt them anymore. They are able to move on with their life, not being reminded about that traumatic event by their mind all the time. They can finally relax and stop thinking about it.

I know it might sound like a science-fiction for people reading my blog, but this is what we do, Faster EFT is a unique treatment solution for PTSD, that really eliminates the problem. Person can go back to work, in fact his or her life completely changes. They are not ruled by their traumatic experiences anymore.

PTSD can be very painful, Faster EFT is the answer

A person with PTSD usually remembers what happened and why do they have PTSD. If I asked them how do you know you have this problem, they will tell me exactly why. Then we can focus on that specific event with Faster EFT and completely erase it from their mind. They will still remember it, and they will be able to revisit the event anytime they want, but they will experience no emotions.

On the other hand, psychiatrists prescribe those damaging drugs to our brain, and we’re living in a constant atered state, and the traumatic experience is still there. From my experience even the regular therapy has no positive effect. You have to remove the cause, and we can do that in hundred percent of cases with Faster EFT.

Personal experience with Faster EFT and PTSD

I have worked personally with several people who experienced horrible traumatic events, like rape, war trauma. If you ask a person who comes to the Faster EFT session what is there pain level on a scale from 0 to 10, they will tell you usually it is 9 or 10. Some people’s pain is so strong, they say the level of their pain is 20, 50 or more. That is how painful that traumatic experience is for them.

The client slowly starts talking about the trauma, and we help them with tapping and other Faster EFT techniques. After a while, usually 30 minutes, the traumatic experience is gone. They say they can still remember it, but it doesn’t bother them anymore. We can also rewrite the memory, so instead of the traumatic event, they can experience having fun on a tropical beach, each time they revisit previous trauma.

If you have any kind of trauma, PTSD, I’m able to help you remove those traumatic events from your mind. It can be done. I have experienced it myself, and I have helped many people to become happy. They’re not afraid to date again, to walk alone in the streets at night, to drive their cars, to talk with their parents. Their lives change.

I have worked with military veterans with severe PTSD. They were able to confront their traumatic events, and now they can talk about it. They can revisit the event, with no fear, negative emotions, etc.

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