Why We Repress Feelings

Our brain have a gating system that inhibits or slows the message of feeling where it is too much to bear. The cognitive psychologist might try to deal with pain and control it through ideas, thoughts, logic for example: “Look here, you are just overreacting, there is no reason to be afraid”.

With faster eft we go directly into pain, there is no logic involved. We feel the pain and release it.

When we experience strong traumatic events, the existing reactive system of the brain is activated, but because it cannot fully respond to the overwhelming load of pain, it reacts partially within its biologic limits and puts the excess part of the traumatic events away for good keeping. It stores it until we are strong enough to feel it and resolve it. The trauma lingers and lives behind our repressive gate.

We continually respond to this stored traumatic events with stress, compromised immune system, strange ideas, nightmares, panic attacks, pain… This high activations level damages our cardiovascular system, so that we became seriously ill at for example 50 years old, even though we seem to be living a normal and relaxed life.

With faster eft we try to release these blockages that alter our immune system and slowly makes us sick.

When the gate is shut we see neither outside nor inside clearly. We are disconnected from ourselves. Repression keeps us “safe” and prevents the inside coming out and vice versa, outside coming in.
We have these layers of traumatic events stored in our brain. We become emotional zombies, unable to live in reality and feel normal. We live in a trance ruled by our suppressed traumatic events.  It is then when we experience several psychosomatic ailments. The energy cannot be connected and integrated. We experience its damage all over. Just imagine a battering ram trying to knock down the gates. Suppressed feelings are that strong. The barrier that protected us before from pain is overloaded and starts to leak. We experience these chunks of suppressed memories that start to poke out. We experience pain, anxiety, paranoia, fear, our stress levels increase, hormone levels increase.

The result is high blood pressure, palpitations,, stomach pain, angina etc…

With cognitive and behavior therapies we can alleviate our phobias, but the original is still there, it will continue to do its damage. With faster eft with go directly at pain. We aim at it and increase the energy flow through the body with tapping  and allow the gate to open and release the pain once for all. Imagine finding a key to the door to slowly letting these bad memories out. Our immune system repairs itself. Hormone levels go back to normal and we feel at peace.

With faster eft we integrate the suppressed pain and produce harmony.

If we have several traumatic terrorizing events stored in our brain, certain phobias seem normal or at least comfortable. Then people start doing hand washing rituals, compulsives that feel comfortable washing their hands several times per day. Deep traumatic events rise to the level of our behavior and drive our compulsions. So a person for example develops OCD and can’t touch door knobs. He says he is fine and does not want to change. That compulsion allays his fears, the original trauma that he is unaware and makes him feel comfortable.

The imprint is the origin, the terror becomes the reaction and phobia becomes the focus. The imprint is what we want to process and release.

What we see in others fulfils our needs or to do all social things that we cannot do. We see fulfillments of our needs in others. We like other people when they offer what we need. We don’t like them if they don’t.

For example narcissist who needs a lot of attentions will not like somebody who does not provide that attention. Most of us spend our whole lives seeking our symbolic fulfillments, finding somebody who will fit our repressed pain. It could be overbearing partner, aggressive wife, alcoholic, drug addict etc…Even though we consciously do not want a relationship with an alcoholic person, some people subconsciously attract them. For example their granddad was a drunk but at the same time the only person who ever hold them and showed them love and affection. They remember the alcoholic breath and love at the same time and they consciously  strive to find exact person like their grand dad was…

The result is attracting alcoholics and the person does not know why.

With faster eft we realize these connections and get rid of them once for all.

Our bodes speak a language and if we can understand that language we can fix it. With faster eft we probe ever more and more deep and try to root out original traumatic events that are the reason for our pain.

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